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Re: SetupXP

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>> Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>>> and a reversion of the wizard page titles to "Cygwin Setup"
>>> (which I need to bring up for discussion separately).
>> Indeed. First, I *really* don't see this change happening as is. It was
>> originally done to assist automation programs. I don't think we should
>> the plug on them.
> Nor I; On the contrary, I think we should do all we can, both for
> people and the accessibility people.  But I've never seen a Windows
> application that doesn't have its name in the title bar.
>> Perhaps we can compromize on "Cygwin Setup -
>> CurrentTitleOfPage"?
> That would probably work.  I've seen one installer that did that, and I
> that my Platform SDK help browser thing does that too.

OK, I'll put together a patch+ChangeLog for this tonight (GMTDT, i.e. +1)
unless you beat me to it.


>> "make LogFile::exit() not exit if exit_code == 0":
>> I don't understand the reasoning behind this change. Can you explain?
> This is one small step for man towards moving the app's exit()ing and UI
> interaction out of the LogFile class.  I'm only changing the success (==0)
> case currently because there's only one code path that succeeds, while
> are several places in the code (and in the UI) that do this:
> "LogSingleton::GetInstance().exit(1);".  Eliminating those will require
> extensive changes.

Wait! The status quo must remain, until we have confirmed evidence that
static destructors do always run on exit from -mno-cygwin programs. Then and
*only* then can we move to using simple CRT exit(). Until then I don't think
there is any harm in using constructs like

Robert, your opinion?

>> P.S.: Please could you either add a last-changed-date to your webpage,
> Good idea, will do.



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