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RE: SetupXP

> Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> > and a reversion of the wizard page titles to "Cygwin Setup"
> > (which I need to bring up for discussion separately).
> Indeed. First, I *really* don't see this change happening as is. It was
> originally done to assist automation programs. I don't think we should pull
> the plug on them.

Nor I; On the contrary, I think we should do all we can, both for automation
people and the accessibility people.  But I've never seen a Windows application
that doesn't have its name in the title bar.

> Perhaps we can compromize on "Cygwin Setup -
> CurrentTitleOfPage"?

That would probably work.  I've seen one installer that did that, and I see that
my Platform SDK help browser thing does that too.

> >> The XP
> >> manifest change seems to be conveniently modular. Want to submit that to
> >> cygwin-apps@, as a first step to decreasing the size of your monolithic
> >> patch?
> >
> > If I can get it to work, sure ;-).  Currently it doesn't work like I
> thought
> > it did.  I think it might be a problem with windres, I have to look into
> it.
> Right, OK. Lets talk about a different change, then:
> "make LogFile::exit() not exit if exit_code == 0":
> I don't understand the reasoning behind this change. Can you explain?

This is one small step for man towards moving the app's exit()ing and UI
interaction out of the LogFile class.  I'm only changing the success (==0) case
currently because there's only one code path that succeeds, while there are
several places in the code (and in the UI) that do this:
"LogSingleton::GetInstance().exit(1);".  Eliminating those will require more
extensive changes.

> Thanks,
> Max.
> P.S.: Please could you either add a last-changed-date to your webpage,

Good idea, will do.

> or
> announce here every time you update the diff?

Have been, I only updated it once IIRC.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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