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RE: SetupXP

> Seems I spoke too soon. The diff is still messy in parts.

Oh I know.  I'm not submitting anything for inclusion yet, just trying to get
some general feedback.

> First, please drop
> "-r HEAD" from your diff command. All that accomplishes is to make the
> generated patch *revert all changes to HEAD that you haven't merged into
> your local copy*.

Ouch, ok, important safety tip.  I thought I had gotten all the changes to HEAD,
but as you discovered I hadn't.

> Second, could you include CVS dirs in your tarball. It wouldn't add much to
> the size, and it would allow me a better chance at getting a clean diff out
> of your changes.
> Third, you are accumulating quite a large quantity of changes.

Mmmm, yes and no.  A few parts of my last Big Chooser patch have already made it
to mainline, and the OnAcceptActivation() change has reduced the size of the
remainder a bit.  The only additions since then (I think, without checking) are
the new XP theme/visual style thing and a reversion of the wizard page titles to
"Cygwin Setup" (which I need to bring up for discussion separately).

> The XP
> manifest change seems to be conveniently modular. Want to submit that to
> cygwin-apps@, as a first step to decreasing the size of your monolithic
> patch?

If I can get it to work, sure ;-).  Currently it doesn't work like I thought it
did.  I think it might be a problem with windres, I have to look into it.

> I'd like to see bigchooser get to the mainline. I've been patching it into
> my personal-use setup since you first posted a patch.

Me too.  I appreciate your pre-reviewing; it will be instrumental in getting
this to happen.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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