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RE: SetupXP

> Hi Gary,
> More stuff to decrease the size of your diff:
> I think you are only supposed to update Copyright comments when you actually
> change something in a file? Unless I am wrong, please drop your
> copyright-comment-only change to splash.h from your local mods.

No, I know, I noticed that too.  I had changed it, but then reverted the changes
because the new OnAcceptActivation() replaced them.  I'll leave it for now,
since something might creep in there between now and
intent-to-submit-for-review, and if there's anything I'll forget to do it's
update the copyright.

> Please do a "cvs update".
> The following files are unmodified in your local copy, but have changes in
> the repository:
> ChangeLog,, GUIDELINES, .cvsignore, README, RECTWrapper.h
> (In the case of GUIDELINES and .cvsignore, the "change" is the fact they
> have been created.)

Noticed that as well last night.

> The following files have local modifications and changes in the repository.
> CVS can successfully merge them without conflicts (I have tested):
> proppage.h, propsheet.h
> Please rm ChangeLog.window.txt, since the changes detailed there are already
> merged.
> Please rm COPYING INSTALL. They are junk from an ancient automake run.
> Please add the following to your "generated files" filter when making your
> tarball:
> iniparse.h res.aps setup_version.c Setup.aep Setup.aew
> Setup.layout

I'll try Rob's 'make release' suggestion here I think.  Shoulda thought of it
sooner in fact, but whaddaya do.  That should ignore any of my accumulated

> Thanks,

Thanks for the pre-reviews and tips Max.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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