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Re: Pending package status (14 Jul 2003)

Thanks for testing, Igor! Hoping that you vote counts, I fixed some of the points you mentioned (and some others). Comments inline.

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:


date : 27 Jan 2003
version: 2.20-1
status : updated package is available for review
notes :
votes : 2 (Christopher and Lapo)
url :

The above packages will disapear from the list unless they are reviewed
or get some votes... So, unless you want to see these leave, please take

I'd like to vote for TCM (it's questionable whether my votes count, but still). I've also reviewed the binary and source packages from the URLs above. Some points below:

1) The install path of /usr/X11R6/bin seems to be compiled in, and tcm
  ignores TCM_HOME when looking for apps.  Don't know if that's normal.
  The apps themselves seem to be working fine.  TCM will work in a
  default install, BTW, so this is minor.

Right, I changed it to honor TCM_HOME (if present).

2) I still get a message about not being able to open color info file
  "colorrgb.txt" when TCM_HOME is set.  The path in the message is
  "$TCM_HOME/lib/colorrgb.txt".  Shouldn't it be
  "$TCM_HOME/share/tcm-2.20/colorrgb.txt" instead?

Hm, difficult. The searching of files was changed from TCM versions 2.01 to 2.20. In the former, there was only the TCM_HOME variable, but now there are several additional environment variables for different purposes. The transition between both seems to be incomplete yet and there is a lot of compatibility code.

So the actual problem is, that colorrgb.txt resides in the lib-dir of the source tree but is copied to the shared-dir in the binary install. If I simply changed it, you won't be able to run it without installing it (from your build directory).

Since I didn't want to touch this (not today at least), I can only give you a workaround, which is now also described in the README: if you want to install it in a non-standard place, set TCM_CONFIG to the directory where colorrgb lives.

3) The README from the source package doesn't seem to be anywhere in the
  binary package.  It should probably go into /usr/doc/tcm-2.20/...  In
  fact, there's plenty of HTML documentation in the source package that
  would be right at home in /usr/doc/tcm-2.20/, but isn't included in the
  binary package for some reason.

Oops. The last package was built with a broken Makefile which led to some missing files in the doc-directory. Fixed.

4) When making the source package, make is passing the MinGW include
  directory to g++.  This seems to come from src/Config.tmpl_CYGWIN.  Is
  that intentional?

Yes. It took me some time to figure out, but the reason for this is called "_G_config.h". libio.h requires this and the only file on my system by that name is in the mingw-subdir.

[_] bug in the compiler / library package
[_] bug in my installation (unlikely, since I compiled it on several machines)
[_] bug in my head


5) The comment in /usr/doc/Cygwin/tcm-2.20.README says that gcc-2.95-5 is
  needed to compile TCM.  Is that really the case?  Could it have
  something to do with 4) above?  FWIW, removing the mingw headers line
  mentioned in 4) allowed me to build most[*] apps and libs from source
  with no errors using gcc-3.2.

I'm not too much into C++, but AFAIK gcc-3 has changed a lot towards ISO/ANSI compatibility. I tried gcc-3 again and got loads of funny "this is not ISO-compliant" messages in the TCM-source. I'll ask the TCM-developers about that.

The new packages are available under the same address (above). BTW: these are still built on Cygwin 1.3, I'll try to upgrade to 1.5 soon. Are "old" packages still accepted for submission?

Volunteers for testing welcome!

"I found the last bug!" (Anonymous Programmer :-)


[*] I stopped the build at tcmd.exe/libtcmdv.a, but everything up to that
point built just fine.

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