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Re: SetupXP

Hi Gary,

More stuff to decrease the size of your diff:

I think you are only supposed to update Copyright comments when you actually
change something in a file? Unless I am wrong, please drop your
copyright-comment-only change to splash.h from your local mods.

Please rm ChangeLog.window.txt, since the changes detailed there are already

Please do a "cvs update".

The following files are unmodified in your local copy, but have changes in
the repository:
ChangeLog,, GUIDELINES, .cvsignore, README, RECTWrapper.h
(In the case of GUIDELINES and .cvsignore, the "change" is the fact they
have been created.)

The following files have local modifications and changes in the repository.
CVS can successfully merge them without conflicts (I have tested):
proppage.h, propsheet.h

Please rm COPYING INSTALL. They are junk from an ancient automake run.

Please add the following to your "generated files" filter when making your
tarball: iniparse.h res.aps setup_version.c Setup.aep Setup.aew Setup.layout



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