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Re: [Ready for test/1.5.0] libiconv & gettext (many)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> trying to build sharutils for 1.5.0, I've just came across a problem:
>   gcc  -o shar shar.o encode.o ../lib/libshar.a  ../lib/libshar.a -lintl -lintl 
>   shar.o(.text+0x5523): In function `main':
>   /home/corinna/src/sharutils-4.2.1/src/shar.c:1970:
>     undefined reference to `__imp___nl_default_dirname__'
> `nm /usr/lib/libintl.dll.a' shows only a symbol
> __imp__libintl_nl_default_dirname.
> The sharutils configury recognizes that the system has libintl.a but
> is too dumb to remove the own intl subdir from the include paths.
> So I thought this might be an incompatibility between the intl version
> in sharutils and our own version.  I removed all include paths to its
> own intl dir by hand and built again.  But the error persists.
> Then I had a look into the file which produces the error and I found
> this:
>   #ifdef __CYGWIN__
>     extern const char __declspec(dllimport) _nl_default_dirname__[];
>     puts (_nl_default_dirname__);
>   #else
>     extern const char _nl_default_dirname[]; /* Defined in dcgettext.c  */
>     puts (_nl_default_dirname);
>   #endif
> What's the error here?  Is the sharutils code plain wrong or is that
> an incompatibility of the new libintl?

Sharutils is wrong, in two ways.  First, _nl_default_dirname is an
internal variable -- sharutils shouldn't be accessing it at all.  Second,
dcigettext.c defines it thus:

#if !defined _LIBC
# define _nl_default_default_domain libintl_nl_default_default_domain
# define _nl_current_default_domain libintl_nl_current_default_domain
# define _nl_default_dirname libintl_nl_default_dirname
# define _nl_domain_bindings libintl_nl_domain_bindings

But sharutils doesn't take _LIBC into account.

Quick-n-dirty fix: use libintl_ instead.


Slightly better fix: add some configury magic.  Make sure that the
acinclude.m4 or aclocal.m4 contains the latest gettext.m4 code, and then
add to

if test "$gt_cv_func_gnugettext_libc" = "yes"
  # do stuff to set variables so that _nl_default_dirname doesn't get
  # set the variables the other way so that it DOES get re#defined to


Real fix: figure out why sharutils thinks it needs access to that
variable, and use the public API to do the same thing.  If possible.
  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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