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Re: naim review (was Re: Pending package status (14 Jul 2003))

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:

> On 2003-07-15T17:31+0100, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> ) On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> ) > On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> ) > > url    :
> ) OK, the sun is shining, it's a lovely day..and I uploaded naim :-) Please send
> ) an announcement in a couple of hours.
> Got the announce written up, went to verify the install procedure and ran
> into a problem. If I run setup, mirror, go to Net,
> and install naim, it downloads the .tar.bz2, makes like it's installing,
> then exits with a message: Nothing needed to be installed. None of the files
> in the package seem to appear in /usr/bin, /usr/doc/Cygwin, or elsewhere. If
> I cd / and manually
> tar -jxvf .../release/naim/naim-
> it does appear to install successfully, so I'm not sure what might be up. I
> have tried deltree'ing C:\cygwin\ and reinstalling from scratch, just in
> case I had broken something in my own install, but no dice.

OK, I have an incling that this is because of the package file names. I've
renamed the files, to see if setup will grok them.

If I can I'll run upset, too.


Elfyn McBratney, EMCB  |  |       |  wwwauth-users AT nongnu DOT org

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