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[Ready for test/1.5.0] cygutils-1.2.0-1

Updated and recompiled for 1.5.0 kernel.  There are a few

1. Added ipcs.exe, ipcrm.exe (with man pages).  These programs previously
were part of the cygipc package. However, once cygserver is ready, these
should also be compile-able against it.  So, this is a forward-looking

2. Ditto ipck script

3. Now actually compile the semtool, shmtool, msgtool, and semstat
programs.  Previously, because cygipc was not an official package, I did
not actually include these binaries in the distribution, even though the
cygutils source package contained them (they require libcygipc to build;
but should also work with cygserver when the time comes).

Note that the ipcs and ipcrm source code is the version that originated
from cygipc, which is different from that provided in the util-linux
package on most linux systems.  Later on, should I switch over to the
util-linx code instead?
  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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