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[Ready for test/1.5.0] libiconv & gettext (many)

These two package-sets should be updated together.


libgettextpo0-0.12.1-1 (*)

(*) new library package -- gettext-devel now depends on it.  Because we
do not have versioned requires AFAIK, this means that even people who are
using the curr: gettext-devel will pick up the test: libgettextpo0
package as a dependency.  However, this should be harmless.

Both libiconv and gettext packages were COMPLETELY reorganized between
(libiconv: 1.8 -> 1.9.1, gettext: 0.11.5 -> 0.12.1).  So much so, that I
would consider these packages to be new ports.  Worse, they needed lots
of care and feeding, plus new (cygwin-specific) code [thanks a bunch,
Bruno...] Even after I got all the code "just right", I still needed to 
  compile libiconv
  install it
  compile libiconv  (yes, again!)
  install it 
  compile gettext
  install it
  compile gettext (yes, again!)
  install it
  compile libiconv AGAIN!
  install it
  compile libiconv ONE MORE TIME!
  install it
  compile gettext A FINAL TIME...
My poor 450Mhz laptop was really tired...

In any case, these "new ports" passed their internal selftests for the
most part (better compliance than their predecessors) so they're probably
okay.  Here's hoping...
  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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