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Anybody curious as to what an XP-ified Setup with a bigger chooser would look
like can check out such a hypothetical beast ri-cheer:

While it will also run on any non-XP Windows, you won't get the cool new common
controls (buttons, progress bars, etc etc), but you'll still get the bigger

If anybody has a virus scanner/system-performance-reducer-and-problem-causer
that trips the AntiVirus page, I'd appreciate it if you could check and see if
that page works right.  I redid the page-activation-acceptance code per Rob's
decree, but I don't have such a scanner, though it WFM otherwise.

Also if anybody could test it for the chooser "going off screen and you can't
scroll over to it" problem, whether you had that problem before or not, that
would also be greatly appreciated.

Synced to current cvs HEAD, use at your own risk.  No bailment created.  Not to
be used as a flotation device.  Contains less than 5% fruit juice.  Supplies are
limited.  Shake well before enjoying.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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