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Net Release Guidelines

Just a few nudging recommendations.

  - Package submittal
  When submitting packages for consideration in the Cygwin net release, you must
  provide a means of getting them to the release maintainers (cygwin-apps).
  Either located on an ftp/http server where they can be downloaded or on
  request, and *only* when requested, sent via e-mail.

  Package proposal.s which do not even acknowledge package files (i.e., no
  download URL's) will not be added to the pending list.

  - Licensing
  As a package maintainer, the licensing responsibility is on your shoulders. If
  the upstream package's license if not OSD compatible[1] there may be problems,
  as the Cygwin glue code (libcygwin.a) is linked in on all cygwin-targets, thus
  rendering the compiled result GPL'd[2], unless the license is OSD approved[3].

  The Cygwin net release is a volunteer effort. If you, the volunteer, do not
  feel comfortable with the licensing, then ask for advice on the cygwin-apps
  mailing list.

  - TTL
  If a submitted package has been on the pending packages list for two months or
  more, without receiving any votes or no follow-ups (when requested) it will be
  dropped from the list. You can re-submit your package again at a later time,
  if you choose to do so.



Elfyn McBratney, EMCB  |  |       |  wwwauth-users AT nongnu DOT org

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