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Re: Coreutils

On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 08:33:50PM -0400, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> wrote:
>>Hmm, actually it seems the newest coreutils builds out of the box on cygwin
>>with a minor tweak.  It does seem to depend on libiconv, so after that's
>>updated for cygwin 1.5.0, I'll release a test version of coreutils.
>IIRC, there were a few modification CGF did to the former subpackages of 
> coreutils.  I believe some of them are still needed.

I did make some changes but they weren't exactly my finest work.  I tried
to make "cp foo bar" work when there was no "foo" but there was a "foo.exe".

The way the code was written, however, made it hard to do this right.  It
seemed like there were different paths through the code depending on whether
you are doing something like "cp -p" or "cp -r".  So, it was never perfect.
Worse, it was inconsistent.

So, I'd say scrap what I did.  If someone complains when you release coreutils,
then maybe that's the time to dig into the code.

>I'd also reccommend grabbing the coreutils SRPM from Red Hat rawhide and 
>see what relevant patches it contains (IMNSHO it contains quite a few 
>nice ones).  There are some bug fixes in it as well.  Just a thought, 

Yes, I agree.  I think this is a good suggestion, if one is willing to
play with rpms.


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