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Re: Proposal: naim

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:

> On 2003-07-11T10:25-0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> ) On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:
> ) >  requires: libncurses6 cygwin
> )              ^^^^^^^^^^^
> ) Shouldn't this be libncurses7 already?
> naim should function with any version of ncurses since 4.0 (libncurses[5-7]
> are all ncurses-5.x releases). I was confused to see such a major
> distinction between two 5.2's and 5.3 in Cygwin (major enough to warrant
> separate package names), so I just picked the oldest one that people might
> have installed that didn't have the word "compatibility" in it, which was 6.
> Any of the ones available now should work equally well, so I'll bump it to
> libncurses7 if 5 and 6 are being phased out--it's just that there's no need
> to require 7 if you already have 5 or 6 installed.

Fair enough, I was just reading Chuck's message
(<>), so I thought
it was relevant.

> ) >  category: Communication Net
> )              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ) I don't know if creation of new categories is approved...  At a guess,
> ) "Net" is the same as "Communication", anyway.
> My thinking is that since real time chat is "all the rage" these days, it
> might be wise to draw attention to the chat clients distributed with Cygwin,
> including naim and ircII. Gentoo Linux puts naim in "net-im" and NetBSD puts
> it in "chat," both separate from an actual "net" category in their
> respective trees.

This will have to be decided on a higher level than me...

> ) >  (no patches for Cygwin, just ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install-strip)
> ) The .sh script should also extract the tarball into a directory with the
> ) name of the package (i.e., naim- and (technically) apply
> Would something like:
>         tar -zxvf naim- && cd naim- && patch -p1 <../naim- && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install-strip
> be acceptable? (patch does no op if you feed it an empty stdin)


> ) >  Packaging procedure:
> ) >    To create a Slackware pkgtool-compatible tarball, simply run:
> ) >    ./configure \
> ) >          '--prefix=/usr' \
> ) >          'CFLAGS=-O20 -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations' \
> ) >          && make tgz
> ) >    If configure is run under Cygwin, make tgz will adjust itself to conform to
> ) >    Cygwin standards. Use make cyg instead of make tgz to produce a complete
> ) >    (source and binary) Cygwin release.
> ) What will be the version number the name of the tarball produced by the
> ) above?
> It will automatically append -1 to the naim version number. That is, if you
> extract naim- and ./configure ... && make cyg, it will
> produce the same* naim- on the web site
> now.
> * naim extracts the arguments passed to ./configure from config.status when
>   it generates CYGWIN-PATCHES/naim-${VERSION}.README, so if you use
>   different settings there will be slight variances in the README as well as
>   in the binary package.

I may have missed this, but do you plan to keep the "cyg*" in the package
version?  Basically, the "-*" part of the version is for the Cygwin
patchlevel, so the "cyg*" seems pretty redundant (OTOH, looks like the
"-*" part will always be "-1" in your case).

> ) Other than the minor nits for the setup.hint (libncurses7) and the patch
> ) (README), the only problem is the build script in the source package.
> ) Once that is fixed, I think the packaging will be ok.  I can't do a
> ) functionality review, as I don't use the above messengers.
> If you run "nirc" by itself, it will attempt to sign you on to an EFnet IRC
> server using your Windows login as the nickname. You don't need an account
> to use IRC, just an unused name (you can use /connect othername if your
> login name is in use). nirc will automatically /join #naim upon startup if
> you have no .nircrc file, and anything you type that doesn't begin with a
> forward slash will be sent to that chat channel (which usually has a couple
> naim users milling about ;).
> My cable[modem] has been out for the past hour, so I'll queue this and hold
> off on .cyg11 until after I hear back about the install script and
> "Communication."

I'm sure you've given it that much testing before submitting the package.
What I meant was that I couldn't give it more than a cursory "run; type
something; exit" kind of testing, since I'm not familiar with the tools
and their capabilities.
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