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Re: Proposal: naim

On 2003-07-11T10:25-0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
) On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:
) >  requires: libncurses6 cygwin
)              ^^^^^^^^^^^
) Shouldn't this be libncurses7 already?

naim should function with any version of ncurses since 4.0 (libncurses[5-7]
are all ncurses-5.x releases). I was confused to see such a major
distinction between two 5.2's and 5.3 in Cygwin (major enough to warrant
separate package names), so I just picked the oldest one that people might
have installed that didn't have the word "compatibility" in it, which was 6.
Any of the ones available now should work equally well, so I'll bump it to
libncurses7 if 5 and 6 are being phased out--it's just that there's no need
to require 7 if you already have 5 or 6 installed.

) >  category: Communication Net
)              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
) I don't know if creation of new categories is approved...  At a guess,
) "Net" is the same as "Communication", anyway.

My thinking is that since real time chat is "all the rage" these days, it
might be wise to draw attention to the chat clients distributed with Cygwin,
including naim and ircII. Gentoo Linux puts naim in "net-im" and NetBSD puts
it in "chat," both separate from an actual "net" category in their
respective trees.

) >  (no patches for Cygwin, just ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install-strip)
) The .sh script should also extract the tarball into a directory with the
) name of the package (i.e., naim- and (technically) apply

Would something like:
	tar -zxvf naim- && cd naim- && patch -p1 <../naim- && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install-strip
be acceptable? (patch does no op if you feed it an empty stdin)

) >  Packaging procedure:
) >    To create a Slackware pkgtool-compatible tarball, simply run:
) >    ./configure \
) >          '--prefix=/usr' \
) >          'CFLAGS=-O20 -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations' \
) >          && make tgz
) >    If configure is run under Cygwin, make tgz will adjust itself to conform to
) >    Cygwin standards. Use make cyg instead of make tgz to produce a complete
) >    (source and binary) Cygwin release.
) What will be the version number the name of the tarball produced by the
) above?

It will automatically append -1 to the naim version number. That is, if you
extract naim- and ./configure ... && make cyg, it will
produce the same* naim- on the web site

* naim extracts the arguments passed to ./configure from config.status when
  it generates CYGWIN-PATCHES/naim-${VERSION}.README, so if you use
  different settings there will be slight variances in the README as well as
  in the binary package.

) Other than the minor nits for the setup.hint (libncurses7) and the patch
) (README), the only problem is the build script in the source package.
) Once that is fixed, I think the packaging will be ok.  I can't do a
) functionality review, as I don't use the above messengers.

If you run "nirc" by itself, it will attempt to sign you on to an EFnet IRC
server using your Windows login as the nickname. You don't need an account
to use IRC, just an unused name (you can use /connect othername if your
login name is in use). nirc will automatically /join #naim upon startup if
you have no .nircrc file, and anything you type that doesn't begin with a
forward slash will be sent to that chat channel (which usually has a couple
naim users milling about ;).

My cable[modem] has been out for the past hour, so I'll queue this and hold
off on .cyg11 until after I hear back about the install script and

Daniel Reed <>
The pursuit of pretty formulas and neat theorems can no doubt quickly degenerate into a silly vice, but so can the quest for austere generalities which are so very general indeed that they are incapable of application to any particular. -- Eric Temple Bell

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