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Re: naim [Pending package status (11 Jul 2003)]

On 2003-07-11T10:03-0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
) On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 wrote:
) > @ naim
) >
) > date   : 25 Jun 2003
) > version: (null)
)   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
) tarball, and setup.hint).  The version is a bit weird:
) I'm assuming the ".cyg10" bit will hopefully go away once the package is

"" is correct, yes. naim is capable of packaging itself
using "make cyg". If anything changes in the packaging procedure, I will
probably bump the patchlevel rather than the Cygwin release number; hence rather than 10 sets of changes have been made
to and various's between releases, which affects
more than just the Cygwin release.

The next release, assuming I can get module support working, will be
0.11.6-1. Otherwise it will be something like

Daniel Reed <>
"I don't believe in making something user friendly just for the sake of being user friendly, though; if you're decreasing the users' available power, you're not really being all that friendly to them."

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