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Re: Proposed patch - make longopts behave as newbies expect

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 01:10, Jeremy White wrote:
> The current setup.exe implementation does not handle longopts
> in the way that a newbie would expect.  Specifically,
>   setup.exe --root e:\foo
> does not work; either
>   setup.exe -R e:\foo      or
>   setup.exe --root=e:\foo
> is required.
> This is because the --root, --site, and --override-registry-name
> StringOptions use the default value that specifies that a value
> is optional, which, imho, is wrong.
>  This patch corrects this, and adds a test program as well.

Thank you for this. The changes to setup are ok. However, the test
programs' copyright is -obviously- wrong. Also, I don't see the need for
an additional user-driven test in this case either - though extending would be useful.

Max, I'm still basically off-the-air - sick - so, could you please
checkin the setup changes?

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