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Re: Preremove section in

Well, we haven't set a policy on the number of postinstall scripts.

I'd really prefer one package == one script. It feels cleaner to me that

Also, it's not guaranteed that all your depended-upon scripts will run
when a cycle is present.

That is, if foo depends on bar, and bar on foo, only one of the two will
have the scripts run first. Might be an idea to mention that (and the
'normal' approach of breaking the common stuff into a third package both
depend on).

Pre remove scripts are limited to -one- per package. Either .sh or .bat.
If setup supports both at once, it's an accident and is not guaranteed
to remain. Again, for consistency, all scripts should be one per

Other than those issues, it looks good to me.


On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 12:25, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Sat, 24 May 2003, Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> > > Actually, all us package maintainers ought to do a better job
> > > including "pre-remove" scripts in addition to post-install scripts,
> > > that would clean up anything created by the postinstaller.  Yep --
> > > setup supports this -- but most maintainers (I'm guilty here...) don't
> > > bother:
> >
> > I never heard about "pre-remove" support in setup,
> > has nothing about.
> Attached is a patch to <> that talks about
> preremove scripts and brings the postinstall section up to date.  I'm
> targeting it here rather than to the main cygwin list because IMO it is of
> more interest to this audience, having to do with package maintenance and
> setup.exe.  I can also check this in if it's approved.
> 	Igor
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