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Re: ask-2.5.0 - a new package for review

Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:
> (a Debian) Python Project has bee
> ported. Please review.

Before you ITP any more packages, you should address the fact that cygbuild
has been vetoed, and therefore, since all your packages use it, they are
blocked until this issue is solved.

I strongly suspect that patches to incrementally enhance
generic-build-script will be welcomed. The objection is that you are trying
to introduce yet another packaging method into an already too-diverse

> @ ask
> sdesc: "Active Spam Killer in python. Uses opt-in method."
> ldesc: "Python based ASK, Active Spam Killer, takes an active approach in
> solving the problem: Everytime an email is received, a message is sent
> back to the sender asking for confirmation. If that sender does not
> confirm the message, it remains queued for delivery."
> skip:
> curr: version
> # prev: version
> # test: version
> category: Mail
> requires: python
> # external-source: package

The commented unnecessary lines are annoying, and your use of "@", "skip:"
and "curr:" show that need to read and learn .

> drwxr-xr-x root/None         0 2003-06-29 19:47:50 usr/usr/

Obvious packaging error right there.


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