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Re: [UPDATE] Pending package status (25 Jun 2003)

> > 16. Aspell-en
> >
> > date   : 19 Jun 2003
> > version: 0.51.0-1
> > status : not (yet) reviewed
> > notes  :
> > votes  : 0 (aspell prerequisite)
> > url    :
> >
> I've just been reviewing aspell* . It's looking good, layout wise. But, I
> run aspell as the libaspell package cannot be found (on the server). One
> thing you might want to add to the binary package is a spell checker shell
> for use in pine or mutt. Linux Aspell does this (/usr/bin/
> you just invoke that script from your MUA.

libaspell is under
aparently one of us got the directory name wrong at some point. - setup.hint
is in the same directory.
ofcourse it would of made sense to put it in the other directory - i just
regarding the 'spell checker shell script' idea - I was under the impression
'spell' compatibilty mode was all that is needed.  which i think is just
aspell -a ... - I think in practice that a ispell/spell script which invokes
aspell is an option - and I cant remember at this second whether I included
that.  I'm pretty sure there was one in the src package.  Been a while.


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