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Re: Setup.exe: Font issue

Hi Robert,

Robert Collins <> writes:
> I'm still a little leery, as the already pointed out limitations -
> are there machines with vector instead of bitmaps Dlg fonts.

As I already mentioned before, that is not the issue at all.  It's
nice for debugging to wonder if the actual effects are causes by
something like this.  But neither the final analysis nor the solution
is affected by it.

> Does it interact (worsely) with large/small font settings. And so
> on.

The exact point of the patch is that it interacts *better* than the
current choice.

> What would be greate, would be knowing how to get in 'under the
> hood' and actually override MS's behaviour here, so we can do the
> right thing always.

IMO *using* the MS behaviour instead of fighting it *is* TRT.  We may
not like the simple-mindedness of the implementation, but it works if
used right.  Trying to change it is most likely to much effort to be

As I see it there is only *one* issue: Does MS always use the "MS
Shell Dlg" font alias for property wizards on all systems.  If it
doesn't, we will have problems on those systems.  But it still can
only get worse than the current state on those systems that instead
use "MS Sans Serif" now.  That is rather unlikely, because the "MS
Shell Dlg" font alias was created by MS so they could avoid doing
exactly that.  The most probable candidates for problems are CJK
systems, but if they use some other font specific to CJK systems they
should be broken now in the same way anyhow.

Sorry if this sounds somewhat exasperated, but I really think I have
explained all this before and I am not sure how to explain it better.

so long, benny

PS: I just rechecked with MSDN.  You may want to have a look at
It says:

  [About MS Shell DLg on Win9x:] For example, the system font, MS Sans
  Serif, is easily replaced with MS San Serif Greek or another


  [About MS Shell DLg on W2K or XP:] However, for an application that
  also runs on Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT 4.0, you should specify
  DS_SHELLFONT with MS Shell Dlg [...].  This maps to Tahoma on
  Windows 2000 or Windows XP and to MS Sans Serif on both Windows
  95/98/Me and Windows NT 4.0.

This should be taken with a grain of salt, as the MS documentation on
this topic is contradictory to say the least (at least to my

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