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Re: cygbuild-2003.0612 - new package for review

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Jari Aalto+mail.perl wrote:

> During my porting package to cygwin, I was inspired by the initial
> script in 'Cygwin Package Contributor's Guide'. After a while I had
> written a tool to automate most of the porting work hopefully in
> portable manner (see section 'Directory
> PACKAGE-VERSION/CYGWIN-PATCHES/ and optional scripts'). It somehow
> works now for all my portin projects, which have different
> requirements. If there are brave persons to try it, I would like to
> hear suggestions and how comments on success or failure to use it for
> general porting help.
> Manual page is here (also included in package):
> I'm sure it has lot of bugs, as this is initial release. Be patient
> and send me bug reports and listing of:
>     bash -x [options] commands
> The tool consists 90 % of bash and rest is perl, which is externally
> called only if needed from bash. The perl mainly holds the full manual
> in POD format.
> [...]


At the moment there are two building/packaging systems for Cygwin, those being
Chuck's generic-build-script and cgf's mknetrel. Then, no doubt, every other
maintainer's recipes. I've even got cygpkg (like dpkg). :-)

Another thing, Cygwin packages are generally already known packages eg.,
Apache, GCC or GNU Make. So IMO, it would be better if you posted these
scripts on the main Cygwin list and see what other user's think. Just MO.

It might be an idea to try and merge your build scripts into one of the existing
build systems.


Elfyn McBratney (
Systems Administrator /

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