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Re: [BUG] in the generic packaging script

Ronald schrieb:

> I'm starting from scratch on the aspell dict packs, because I don't quite
> remember where I left off. I downloaded a fresh generic script and named
> it I added a debug functions available from the
> command-line to see whether the different variables were set OK and - lo
> and behold - they weren't.

> The results: 
> $ ./ vars
> topdir = /home/RLandheer/aspell
> PKG = aspell-en
> VER = en-0.51.0
> REL = 0.51.0-1
> FULLPKG = aspell-en-en-0.51.0-0.51.0-1

> I am no wizz at sed regular expressions (I know a lot more about the 
> Perl-compatible variety) bu I am fairly certain the bug is in them. I'll
> try to patch it up but if anyone beats me to it, I certainly won't mind :)

This is because of the dash before 'en'.
I would recommend to use a *much* simpler script for the dictionary, like:
cd aspell-en-0.51.0
./configure $options
make install

Then create a list of the installed files and tar it up.

Since there is just aspell called to compile the dictonaries, this even
could be done in a postinstall script;)  Really!  The ./configure script
is just a shell script which looks where aspell is installed and creates
the Makefile from a template, the compilation of the dictonaries last
very long, though.


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