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Re: glimpse 4.17.4 - a new package for review

* Mon 2003-06-02 Christopher Faylor <> list.cygwin-apps
| On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 01:28:00AM +0200, Hack Kampbjorn wrote:
| >
| >
| >Are we allowed to redistributed it? Yes, COPYRIGHT grants it "on a 
| >nonprofit basis, and to use it for any purpose" (this is unclear any 
| >purpose includes commercial use). And then clause 4
| >
| >4. Any commercial use of this software will require a license.
| >
| >Could this be a problem? Until now all the cygwin packages have been open 
| >source software allowing commercial use.
| >
| >I wouldn't touch this without a "go" from the legal department.
| I can't really get a "go" from our legal department on the cygwin net
| distribution since it really is entirely a volunteer department.
| I'd rather leave the onus on the person who is offerint the package.
| Please get a "go" from the people responsible for "glimpse".
| This package is on hold until that time.

I talked to glimpse staff. They said it's okay provided that there is
notice included in the package. They will supply one in later
releases. Until then /etc/postinstall/ writes a new file:



    Glimpse is not free software. You need to purchase a license for any
    commercial use of this software. For more information, see => Licencing


    Golda Velez <> wrote back:

    Sure [you can include glimpse in Cygwin Net distribution, as long
    as there is a README file or otherwise it is made clear that
    commercial users are 'supposed' to purchase a license.  Debian has
    a 'nonfree' area of their distribution which would be appropriate
    for glimpse, I've been meaning to package it up and put it there.

    If there's no 'nonfree' area, how about we include a readme
    something like


    that people are not likely to miss if they visit the install directory?

I've updated the packages. Here are them for evaluation:


Swatch  @time
Convert @time

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