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RE: [PATCH] Setup window.{cc,h}

> Approved on one condition - please remove the reference to folk in Hell.
> I'm not christian, but that doesn't seem at all appropriate.

Fair enough; religious humor excommunicated. ;-)

> A small suggestion (doesn't prevent it being commited) - a helper fn to
> return an already casted value might reduce the number of casts needed.

You mean a cast operator to do what GetHWND() is doing?  Yeah, I thought of
that; I'll probably end up doing that at some point.  The comment though is more
of a lament that the user can't just forget about HWNDs entirely and use just
methods that don't break encapsulation.  Ah well, it ain't MFC... yet. ;-)

2003-06-03  Gary R. Van Sickle  <>

	* window.h (SETUP_WINDOW_H): Rename multi-include guard.
	(Copyright): Update.
	(RECTWrapper): New forward declaration.
	(Window::Create): Move.
	(Window::MoveWindow): New overload declaration.
	* (RECTWrapper.h) Include.
	(Copyright): Update.
	(Window::FirstWindowProcReflector): Use reinterpret_cast<> instead
	of C-style casts.
	(Window::MoveWindow): New overload.
Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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