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RE: astksh review

On Sat, 24 May 2003, Karsten Fleischer wrote:

> > > > Now that we have the real, honest-to-goodness ksh, do we really
> > > > need pdksh? Just a suggestion...
> > >
> > > I totally agree, there is no reason why pdksh should be the default
> > > ksh.
> > >   Let users make the symlink themselves.  We should always allow
> > > "The Real Thing" to trump some knockoff...
> > >
> > > [Still trying to dig out from under a backlog...]
> >
> > If the user has installed pdksh before, and now wants ksh93 to be his
> > default ksh, he can remove the symlink himself before
> > installing astksh
> > (this might merit a mention in the release notes).
> This is the postinstall script I'm going to put in the astksh package:
>                 if [ ! -e /bin/ksh.exe ]; then
>                     ln -s ksh93.exe /bin/ksh.exe
>                 else
>                     echo "/bin/ksh.exe already exists"
>                 fi
>                 if [ ! -e /usr/man/man1/ksh.1 ]; then
>                     ln -s ksh93.1 /usr/man/man1/ksh.1
>                 else
>                     echo "/usr/man/man1/ksh.1 already exists"
>                 fi
>                 if [ -f /etc/shells ]; then
>                     for i in /bin/ksh93 /bin/ksh /usr/bin/ksh93 /usr/bin/ksh
>                     do
>                         if ! grep $i /etc/shells >/dev/null 2>&1; then
>                           echo $i >> /etc/shells
>                             echo "$i added to /etc/shells"
>                         else
>                             echo "$i already in /etc/shells"
>                         fi
>                     done
>                 else
>                     echo "no /etc/shells file"
>                 fi
>                 exit 0
> I have no idea if this is cygwinly correct, I took the pdksh postinstall
> for an example.

Looks ok, except that you should probably also check for the existence of
/bin/ksh as a symbolic link...  Same goes for the pdksh postinstall

> > However, this brings a valid point: suppose a user wants to switch,
> > and uninstalls the pdksh package.  The symlink will still be there
> > (although it will be broken).  So, when the user installs astksh, he
> > will have a broken /bin/ksh symlink pointing to a nonexistent
> > pdksh.exe. Perhaps the postinstall script should be smarter, and check
> > not only that the link exists, but also that it's valid, and if it
> > isn't, replace it.
> You mean something like this:
>                 if [ -L /bin/ksh.exe -a ! /bin/ksh.exe -ef /bin/pdksh.exe ]; then
>                         rm -f /bin/ksh.exe
>                         ln -s ksh93.exe /bin/ksh.exe
>                 fi
> Ugly, because the pdksh and ksh93 and eventually Peter Brutzelmann's
> KornShell clone maintainers have to communicate.

Not at all.  I meant simply checking that the link points to a valid
executable (whatever it is).  Something like

	if [ -L /bin/ksh.exe -a -e `readlink -n /bin/ksh.exe` ]; then
		ln -fs ksh93.exe /bin/ksh.exe

(the above depends on readlink).

FYI, as shown above, you can use "ln -fs" instead of removing the file.
Also, the test you used wouldn't work, since you're checking that the
symbolic link and the executable have the same inode, and they never will.

> OK, I can live with this as long as we don't have any other ksh.exe
> candidates besides pdksh and ksh93 :)
> I already put some pdksh info into the astksh README.

That's always good to have.  I suspect you'll want to update the README
again when another ksh variant shows up...

> BTW, the above won't work anyway with the .exe suffix, you'll run into
> one of cygwin's bogosities:
> (Suppose you got vim installed, /bin/vi is a symbolic link to /bin/vim)
> $ if [ /bin/vi.exe -ef /bin/vim.exe ]; then echo yo; fi
> $ if [ /bin/vi -ef /bin/vim ]; then echo yo; fi
> yo
> I'll leave this as an exercise to the cygwin kernel hackers. I must not
> do cygwin kernel hacking anymore, since I had a chance to glimpse at the
> uwin code and thus am tainted.

The above has been discussed, and is unlikely to be changed.  I think
you're better off giving the symbolic link a name without the .exe suffix,
so symlinks stay symlinks, and executables stay executables.  One drawback
of the symlink approach is that these commands cannot be run from cmd.exe
at all.

> Karsten
> P.S.: The package update might take some more time, some bugs showed up.
> I guess I can update next Thursday.

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