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Re: ATTN: Apache, Perl, Python, and Exim maintainers

You need make no changes now.

However, since I've released gdbm-1.8.3, the NEXT version of your package that you compile will be linked against cyggdbm-3.dll from the 'libgdbm3' package, and NOT cyggdbm.dll from the 'libgdbm' package.

So, your NEXT release should change its requires: line from 'libgdbm' to 'libgdbm3'.

Oh, and if your package uses the NDBM or DBM "personalities" of gdbm, you'll need to add -lgdbm_compat to your link command, and not just -lgdbm. See below for a snippet that I used in cvs to handle this issue.

</phone operator voice> Please make a note of it </end>


  dnl Now check for libgdbm and gdbm.h
  AC_CHECK_LIB([gdbm], [gdbm_open],[
        [HAVE_GDBM], [1],
        [Define if you have the gdbm library and headers])
      LIBS="$LIBS -lgdbm"
      AC_CHECK_LIB([gdbm_compat], [dbm_open],[
        LIBS="$LIBS -lgdbm_compat"],[])
      LIBS="$LIBS -lgdbm"],[
      AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find gdbm.h])])],[
    AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find libgdbm])])

Charles Wilson wrote:
Because gdbm has been split into 3 different packages (and cyggdbm.dll is now in the 'libgdbm' package, not the 'gdbm' pacakge), I modified the following setup.hint files on sourceware:



to change the requires: dependency on 'gdbm' to 'libgdbm'. Thus, you don't need to do anything NOW, but you probably need to note this change so that your next release reflects the correct dependency.


P.S. I also change cvs/setup.hint, but I'm the maintainer for that package. I've made a note of it. <g>

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