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Re: astksh review

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:


While I concede your point about the gift horse, I was NOT trying to get
Karsten to change any of the build procedures by my comment, or even
request that the configure script be augmented (a wistful comment was
made, and I apologize if I stepped on people's toes).

My comments were not addressed (soley) to you. There were a number of rather petulant "why don't you do it THIS way" comments concerning ast-ksh. Yours was the one lucky enough to take out my last, weakened, nerve -- so you got both barrels.

But it was loaded with birdshot, so the marks should fade in a few days. :-)

What I did adamantly vote AGAINST is deprecating the pdksh package.  As
long as both packages are allowed to coexist (and the user can select
which one he/she wants to use), I'm happy.

Agreed. It's all about choice.

And since both postinstall scripts should check to see if a ksh symlink already exists before creating one, they shouldn't step on each others toes too much.

However, if Joe User has pdksh installed and wants to "upgrade"(?) to ast-ksh, he'll have to do two steps: use setup to download and install the ast-ksh package, and then MANUALLY create the ksh symlink.

Because ast-ksh won't clobber pdksh's pre-existing link. And vice versa.

This could become a FAQ, unfortunately...but I don't see any way around it. Perhaps Karsten's official announcement, when he gets to that point, could include the appropriate instructions in big friendly letters?

<begin quote>

Because both pdksh and ast-ksh provide ksh-like functionality, each package creates a link so that /usr/bin/ksh points to the "real" binary, whether pdksh.exe or ast-ksh.exe. However, the two packages are well-behaved -- they will NOT overwrite a pre-existing link. SO, if you install both packages, you should MANUALLY check that /usr/bin/ksh points to the binary you wish to use as the default ksh. If not, you'll need to correct that MANUALLY. To make ast-ksh the 'default' ksh, do this:

  cd /usr/bin/
  rm -f ksh
  ln -fs ast-ksh.exe ksh

To make pdksh the 'default' ksh, do this

  cd /usr/bin/
  rm -f ksh
  ln -fs pdksh.exe ksh
<end quote>

And perhaps the pdksh maintainer could include similar text each time s/he releases a new version?


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