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Re: astksh review

There is no problem with the regular configure/make (i.e., building the
default configuration of the package). However, if I wanted to, say,
twiddle with the source and turn some features on/off, or experiment, or
even, say, insert debug printouts for some bug that manifests itself when
running shell scripts, it would be much easier to do so with pdksh -- I
think I understand most of the source (haven't looked at it in a while).

As an aside, it would be great if certain features/defines in the code
were turned on/off with configure's "--enable-*"/"--disable-*" options
(not sure if they are now, sounds like they aren't).

People, let me introduce you to a "gift horse." Please stop inspecting its teeth.

Karsten and others have done a lot of work to accomodate the cygwin packaging standard. It is *extremely* disrepectful for us (the cygwin community, as it were) to then insist on *internal* changes to the product itself.

e.g. "Stop using nmake and this really confusing Makefile system. Use autoconf"

That is NOT helpful -- nor does it belong on this list. We're talking about packaging ast-ksh so that it can be installed on cygwin using setup, and conform to our packaging rules.

Those rules say nothing about requiring autoconf. There's a tacit assumption that cygwin packages should be buildable on a cygwin system without additional, non-official cygwin packages -- but no requirement that any *particular* cygwin tool (like autoconf) be used. (ast-ksh satisfies the build-on-stock-cygwin "rule", but not the thou-shalt-use-autoconf "rule")

ast-ksh uses a Makefile-driven build system. It is not autoconfed. It never will be autoconfed. And if it WERE to be autoconfed, that discussion would belong over on the ast-ksh mailing list, because you're talking about massive overall changes to the upstream package, not simply cygwin-specific porting tweaks.

(FWIW, I vote "yes" on this package, as is)


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