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RE: astksh review

> There is no problem with the regular configure/make (i.e., 
> building the
> default configuration of the package).  However, if I wanted to, say,
> twiddle with the source and turn some features on/off, or 
> experiment, or
> even, say, insert debug printouts for some bug that manifests 
> itself when
> running shell scripts, it would be much easier to do so with 
> pdksh -- I
> think I understand most of the source (haven't looked at it 
> in a while).

I only worked little with pdksh and I never had a look a the sources.

> As an aside, it would be great if certain features/defines in the code
> were turned on/off with configure's "--enable-*"/"--disable-*" options
> (not sure if they are now, sounds like they aren't).

No, no and one more time no.

configure is and will remain a dummy script in the astksh package.

We're generating the configure script and the GNU Makefile on the fly
from specs in ast-ksh.pkg. The postinstall script for the binary package
will also be generated from there.

We have the case of two worlds colliding and it makes no sense to
support a load of unnecessary options (from the AT&T POV).

In case you want to enable/disable ksh93 features, have a look at the

You'll find a lot of SHOPT_* settings.

You can enable features by just exporting an SHOPT_BLA_BLA=1 variable or
disable by SHOPT_BLA_BLA=0 and then run make again.
You also might consider using AT&T nmake, but that is currently not
available in a cygwin setup compatible form.


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