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Re: docbook-xml42, docbook-xsl, xmlto (RE: Pending package status (09 May 2003))

On 2003.05.16 18:13, Andreas wrote:
> > have different versions installed. What do you think about a
> > like:
> > /usr/share/docbook/dtd/{VERSION}
> > /usr/share/docbook/xsl/{VERSION}
> This directory structure looks good for me with one exception, xsl
> versioned, so:
> /usr/share/docbook/dtd/4.2
> /usr/share/docbook/xsl
> If this gets some votes (and voices) I'll change the structure in
> next package releases.

I just had the impression that the dir structure at the moment will
end up
in a very big /usr/share in the future. But other packages will do.

/usr/bin is very big now and there is no problem :-).

Common practice is to place architecture-independent data into
/usr/share/<package> directory. My current docbook packages follows this practice.

a recommended way to do?


> > How would these structure fit for the catalog file? Does it imply to > > have > > one centralized catalog file that is updated each time a dtd package > > is > > (de)installed? > > Where is the problem? One centralized catalog file /etc/xml/catalog > looks good for me (as it is done now).

Hmmm, thaks for pointing this out ;) Overlooked it somehow. And this
will be
maintained if other dtd packages will be installed?

AFAICT, yes.

BTW I just checked the xmlto site and a newer version is released on May 09th.

Yes, I know. There is also new XSL package (1.61.0) available. If I get some free time I'll package it...

At the moment I try to tie a passivetex package (size is ~1.3M).

Great. I'm newbie in TeX stuff. My attempt to install passivetex and xmltex was not successful... :-(

Unfortunately I don´t have server access to provide that package for

What about using some free service, like ?

reviewing. Would it be an option to pass it to you when it is ready?
The man
pages for xmlto says that it could widen its output capability with


Thank you.

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