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RE: docbook-xml42, docbook-xsl, xmlto (RE: Pending package status (09 May 2003))

Hello Marcel,

> > Marcel, it would be great if both the dtd and stylesheets would allow
> > to
> DTD supports different versions installed. DTD 4.2 is installed in
> /usr/share/docbook-xml42
> DTD 4.1.2 should be installed in
> /usr/share/docbook-xml412
> and so on (there is not yet DTD 4.1.2 packaged for cygwin).
> My idea is to support different DTDs (as mentioned above) and only one
> xsl (current). Is there a reason to support different versions of the
> XSL installed at the same time? Note: xmlto uses only "current" version
> of the stylesheets.

Hmmm, ok, I guess you are right regarding the stylesheet stuff.

> > have different versions installed. What do you think about a structure
> > like:
> > /usr/share/docbook/dtd/{VERSION}
> > /usr/share/docbook/xsl/{VERSION}
> This directory structure looks good for me with one exception, xsl not
> versioned, so:
> /usr/share/docbook/dtd/4.2
> /usr/share/docbook/xsl
> If this gets some votes (and voices) I'll change the structure in the
> next package releases.

I just had the impression that the dir structure at the moment will end up
in a very big /usr/share in the future. But other packages will do. Is there
a recommended way to do?

> > How would these structure fit for the catalog file? Does it imply to
> > have
> > one centralized catalog file that is updated each time a dtd package
> > is
> > (de)installed?
> Where is the problem? One centralized catalog file /etc/xml/catalog
> looks good for me (as it is done now).

Hmmm, thaks for pointing this out ;) Overlooked it somehow. And this will be
maintained if other dtd packages will be installed?

> > I don?t know if this is a regular review but these packages helped me
> > a lot
> > when processing docbook xml sources to get html and xhtml.
> >
> > I really want to see this packages in the distro. Here is my vote for
> > all
> > three.
> Thank you.

BTW I just checked the xmlto site and a newer version is released on May

At the moment I try to tie a passivetex package (size is ~1.3M).
Unfortunately I don´t have server access to provide that package for
reviewing. Would it be an option to pass it to you when it is ready? The man
pages for xmlto says that it could widen its output capability with

Keep up the good work!

> Regards.
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