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Re: pcre packages

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:


It appears that this package contains the same exact DLLs as the one below, simply renamed. That is wrong.

The idea here is to prevent any unexpected side effects due to the modified build system. What you want, is instead to provide:


which contains the same DLLs as in the current pcre-4.1-1 package. Now, since those DLLs were generated from the pcre-4.1 source, you need to provide that. Thus, libpcre-4.1-2's setup.hint should have its own source:

source: libpcre-4.1-2-src.tar.bz2

which can be a simple copy of Corinna's current pcre-4.1-1-src.tar.gz -src package.

See, that way, no matter what happens to the current sourcecode base, the libpcre package is permanently frozen. It's happy. It's source is right there. It's completely disocciated from ongoing development. And that's good.

And then, suppose you get cygpcre-1.dll when pcre-5.0 comes out. No problem, mon. You just cp pcre-4.2-[curr].tar.bz2 to libpcre0/libprce0-4.2-[curr]-src.tar.bz2, and modify libpcre0/setup.hint to point to its own local -src package, and not use external-source.

of course right now libpcre0's setup.hint should use external-source.


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