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Re: RPM and shared library support

Dario Alcocer wrote:

libz----\ +-librpmio---------------librpm libbz2--/ \ / | \ / | +---librpmdb--+ / / / libpopt------------------+

Well, from the looks of it, we'll have to have shared libraries for libbz2, libz, and libpopt first before I can release an rpm-devel package.

I already ship the DLL for libbz2. Unless rpm has its own version of that, too? If so, you forgot to list it in the first message in this thread.

OK, so now it looks like rpm-devel will only need shared libs for libbz2
and libpopt.

libbz2 -- already there libpopt -- already there (unless you *need* the 1.7 version)

I don't quite understand this comment; do you mean that we don't need

No, of course we don't NEED rpm-devel. Honestly, we got along for years without rpm. <g> AFAIK, there are very few apps out there that link against librpm -- apt-rpm is one of the few. Most "rpm wrappers" that I know of COULD have been architected to link against librpm -- but instead simply fork/exec the rpm executable.

So, *except* for apt-rpm, librpm-devel is of limited utility in the grand scheme. I say this not to discourage you, however -- I'm a stickler for completeness myself. I wouldn't consider the rpm set of packages complete until it rpm-devel is published. But I, me personally, I'm not in a huge hurry.

Actually, I'd like to see it released soon myself. I'm
deferring work on an apt-rpm port until the libbz2/libz/libpopt shared
lib situation is resolved for rpm-4.1. Does strategy actually make

Deferring apt-rpm? Sure. Waiting on libbz2/libpopt? I dunno, what're you waiting for? cygbz2-1.dll is part of the libbz2_1 package, while libbz2.dll.a is part of the bzip2 package. And, of course, popt is already available in shared form -- but it's version 1.6.4. I dunno if you're insisting on 1.7...

That leaves the libz question -- and Nicholas has promised me lots of documentation etc. so we'll see.


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