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Re: a2ps (Was Re: [UPDATE] Pending package status (06 May 2003))


Both issues that were raised (CRLF and exec bits) had been rectified in the
final package posted on 4/16.



On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 10:49:10AM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>FYI, the two comments below are really addressed to the general
>cygwin-apps audience, not you personally.
>Hmm, first off, the first link below (underlined) refers to aspell, rather
>than a2ps (Elfyn?).
>Secondly, I thought
><> (the fourth link)
>was a review (at least, it was written as such).
>If that's unacceptable, what constitutes a formal review?  Or do I simply
>need to update it for the latest posted release?

That was certainly a formal enough review.  I didn't see any indication
your issues were rectified; at least not in that thread.  The CRLF issue,
least, deserves repackaging.


Hello all,

I have uploaded the (hopefully) final version of the a2ps-4.12-1 package. I
used Max's suggestions on the build file to keep it as similar as possible
with the build file in the Package Guidelines.

Thanks for all the feedback on this process. I'll start looking at


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