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(new) pcre package for consideration

I've uploaded the new files:

md5 sums:
832c33a8340312b3dabb392a3a1aeb5a *pcre-4.2-1.tar.bz2
6ce9ed683353bfc6addabb81d64a14a7 *pcre-4.2-1-src.tar.bz2
e445f28e052e1cd1206bafc7d841de70 *setup.hint

setup.hint hasn't changed, BTW

I've taken the changes by Gerrit and Chuck into account for these, so 
Cygwin uses Libtool for compiling & linking now. However, Chuck's patch 
seems to break the linking stage anyway: I just unpacked the tarball and 
ran cygcheck against cygpcreposix.dll and got:
$ cygcheck cygpcreposix-0.dll 
Found: .\cygpcreposix-0.dll

Can someone tell me whether running libtool --finish /usr/lib will make 
this alright? (I don't want to break my installation if I know what I'm 
going to do will do that in any case). If that is the case (that libtool 
--finish will fix this) I'll write a post-install script, but that would 
mean making libtool a dependency of pcre.. (which I don't particularly 


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