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Re: RPM port ready

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Dario Alcocer wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 09:19:09PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > A few notes:
> >
> > 1) /bin/rpm.exe  should be in /usr/bin/rpm.exe.  The location in /bin is
> > probably a vestige of rpm's primacy in Red Hat Linux.  I know that
> > /usr/bin == /bin on MOST cygwin systems, but...
> OK, I'll move it to /usr/bin.
> > 2) /etc/mtab should not be in the archive.  Instead, the postinstall
> > script should check to see if it is present, and 'touch /etc/mtab' if it
> > is not.  (Directories are okay; /var/tmp/ and /var/lib/rpm/ can remain
> > in the archive, exactly as they are)
> Sounds good, I'll move it to the postinstall script.
> > 3) Does the rpm package (and rpm-build, for that matter) --require--
> > perl?  usr/lib/rpm/
> Hmm, I don't know.  I'll check on that.
> > 4) I'm not *sure* about the ( /usr/src/cygwin/RPMS/
> > /usr/src/cygwin/SOURCES/ etc ) structure.  (I'm afraid of conflicting
> > with existing user's "develop cygwin kernel" directory.  Mine's in
> > /usr/src/kernel/ but I dunno about others).  Maybe borrow a page from
> > the French Red Hat derivative and use ( /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/
> > /usr/src/RPM/SOURCES/ etc) ?  I don't feel strongly about this.
> Actually, I like your suggestion, except personally I'd go with a lower
> case version of it, i.e. /usr/src/rpm. What do you think about the lower
> case version?

The lower case version might clash with the source directory for the rpm
package (I'm assuming the script creates a subdirectory "rpm" in the
current directory, and it will be run from /usr/src).

Why put RPMs into /usr/src anyway?  As opposed to, say, /usr/share/rpm?

> > 5) pedantic: rpm(-build?) probably requires: 'ash' if not 'bash'.  And
> > 'make'.
> You're right, I'll add them to the setup.hint file.
> > 6) Is there any particular reason you "mostly" followed method 2 in
> > packaging the sources -- except not using the method 2 script?  See
> >
> Well, I could /try/ to use it, but honestly, it looked a little too
> complicated for my taste.
> Once I get rpm working for Cygwin, one of the first things I'm going
> to do is quickly convert my Ghostscript package to use rpm instead
> for the building, and then run a separate script to perform the
> rpm->cpio->tarball conversion. So you can understand why I'm not too
> motivated to use it to build the package :-).
> I'll take a look at it again, I guess I could make more of an effort to
> understand how it works ;-).
> Thank you very much for your input, it's really appreciated.

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