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Re: Intent to package: rpm-4.1

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

While it would be nice in principle to get rpm working in Cygwin, it wouldn't be particularly useful unless it shares the installed database with setup.exe... If it does, then its features, such as finding a package containing a particular file, would be really great additions to the repertoire of command-line tools (even if it only read the database, i.e. installs were disabled). Just my 2c. IOW, if it shares the database with setup, it gets my vote.

First things first, Igor. First we simply need a nice cygwin port. Then we need (tools? library?) to support bi-directional data sharing between /var/lib/rpm/ and /etc/setup/. Then we need a mingw port of librpm and the above tools/library. Then setup can link against these two libraries, and ...

Did you want to wait until ALL of the above was complete, before allowing an rpm package into cygwin? If so, then you're simply dreaming, and your conditional approval is really just a disguised veto.

Besides, a sequence similar to the above is ALSO necessary for dpkg support in setup -- yet that didn't stop us from adding a stand-alone port of dpkg & friends to the distro.

FWIW, this gets my vote too -- as proposed. We'll probably need another go-round of this once Dario gets the packages up for inspection.


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