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Re: a2ps download site

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> David,
> Looks much better now.
> A few more nits:
> - The patch still has CRLF line endings.
> - The .tar.gz file extracted from the source archive has executable bits

This hasn't been rigourously checked for in the past.
Does it matter? If so, someone needs to patch the "Contributing" webpage.

> - Why does the "all" step in the script perform the "spkg" and "pkg"
> steps?  They are not needed for the build.  Neither is "finish", for that
> matter.  (That may be an artifact of the build script, if so, ignore

That's from the build script, so leave it as is.

If you think about it, "all" from the perspective of a packager does
logically include spkg, pkg and finish.

> - Is there a particular reason why the build is performed in-place, rather
> than in a .build directory (which is created, BTW)?
> Other than that, all seems to be ok.  The build seems to work.  As I said,
> I haven't tested the binaries, but I assume you did and they work.  The
> patch now contains only the Cygwin-specific README and the setup.hint, so
> it's basically an OOTB build, anyway.
> So, once the package is deemed ready, we wait until you accumulate the
> necessary votes (I think you have already), and someone with access will
> upload your package to the mirror.  It might be a good idea for you to
> include the URLs of 3 files in the follow-up message: the binary and
> source package tarballs and setup.hint, so that they're all in one place.

Yes, it helps.


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