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Re: Proposed package DjVuLibre

Update:  New versions of the DjVuLibre package are now available at:

The changes are minor updates to the README and a patch to the install-sh
script to keep the *.exe extensions when installing and packaging the

This package is command line programs only.  There is no GUI viewer included
with this package, since a native windows viewer is available from for free.

If you test this package, please let me know detailed comments, and what
version of windows you tested under.  If you subscribe to
cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com and are happy with the results of your test, then
please post a vote of "yes" for DjVuLibre.



 On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 11:45:06PM -0500, sourceforge at docbill dot emailuser dot net
> I propose adding a package, DjVuLibre, do CYGWIN.
> I have been building DjVuLibre since creation under Cygwin, and finally
> decided to offer to maintain an official Cygwin package for distribution.
> The proposed setup.hints file is:
> category: Graphics
> requires: cygwin jpeg
> sdesc: "Compress and decompress graphic images and scanned documents"
> ldesc: "Compress and decompress graphic images and scanned documents
> to DjVu.  DjVu is a highly compressed storage format which can be
> served directly from your web pages.  See
> for more information."
> ....
> After reading the instructions for packaging, I have prepared the
> files:
> Please test them and let me know if this will be added to the CYGWIN
> distribution.

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