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Re: setup ( vs CVS mingw-runtime

Danny Smith wrote:
> I've been expecting a bug report for mingw-runtime and in setup for
> awhile, but haven't seen one, so I'll ask if the CVS mingw runtime is
> getting any testing with setup anymore.

Was it ever?

> The problem is in the default usage of _CRTIMP ( =
> __attribute__((dllimport)) ) macro on all mingw runtime functions
> imported from dll.  This usage provides a small to midling performance
> benefit. However. it can cause both compile time ICE and/or linktime
> multiple definitions (depending on order of declaration/definition/usage
> and version of GCC) when standard CRT functions declared in system
> headers (ie. fprintf in setup/ are redefined.
> I'll make the _CRTIMP macro a  no-op by default if someone will confirm
> that there is a problem with setup.

I confirm your ICE.

However, the redefinition of fprintf in, is as far as I can see,
totally unused, and can be removed.

Robert: Can you confirm this, and approve me to delete it from ?

If so, this ceases to become a setup issue, and becomes one of mingw-runtime
policy - so, up to you, Danny.


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