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Re: [PATCH] Allow logging of {pre,post}remove scripts


Replies inline below.

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Brian Keener wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > This patch extends logging support to preremove/postremove scripts.
> >  Igor
> > =================
> >
> Igor,
> gave the patch a shot on my Win2k and Win95 laptops and reinstalling
> gcc-mingw an inetutils and the Command window seems to be gone but other
> than the reference to install of the gcc-mingw preremove script I could
> find nothing in setup.log.full (this is the right place for this one
> right) about its having been executed.  The postinstall gcc-mingw script
> does have a reference for its install and its execution - is that what I
> should see as well for the preremove.

Yes, the preremove scripts should also be logged to setup.log.full.
I'm not sure I understand the above, though - was the preremove script
logged or wasn't it?  The gcc-mingw preremove script's output should
be the following one line: "*** Removing gcc-mingw files.  Please wait. ***"
and should be preceded by "running: C:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe -c

You're welcome to send me the resulting setup.log.full off-list if you're
unsure whether the logging worked.

> I also noticed when I reinstalled gcc-mingw that a was
> created in preremove and postinstall and as we have already tested in
> postinstall it gets renamed to but in preremove it
> appears to be copied (not moved or renamed) to - so
> then there are two in preremove - a done and a not done.

This is fine.  It is renamed.  But remember, you're *reinstalling* the
package.  The newly installed copy of the package will again contain a
/etc/preremove/ :-)

> Hope this helps
> bk

Yes, thanks for testing.
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