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Re: ntsec & setup

--- "Pierre A. Humblet" <Pierre dot Humblet at ieee dot org> wrote:
> The main issue is the name "setup.exe" itself, which induces
> Windows to launch a Run As pop up when setup is run by
> non-privileged users. Answering "yes" allows to set system mounts and
> to install Cygwin almost anywhere but it has several drawbacks:
> 1) Domain users are not included in /etc/passwd
> 2) The Administrator account may not have Restore privilege
>    and chown may fail in postinstall scripts.
> 3) ls -l may show files without rx access for the user running setup
>    if the Administrator account is not in Users and if the directory
>    inheritance does not give rx access to Everyone (I have observed
>    the two events separately but never together).
> I believe setup would be more newbie friendly if the name was 
> changed :(

Not to mention easier to search for on Google. (Yes, I know, you just
put "cygwin setup.exe" but "cygsetup" is 8 characters shorter!)
On the downside, 'upset' would not be as punny.

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