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Re: release candidate setup snapsnot.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>> Brian Gallew wrote:
> [snip]
>>> I don't suppose there will ever be a
>>> "never-install-so-don't-ever-show-it-to-me" view?
>> I think there is some plan (or let me see a wishlist item) for Setup to
>> remember what was previously skipped and not show you again.  The key
>> word here
>> is previously skipped as opposed to not installed because a not
>> installed could
>> be something brand new and that you might want to see.
> I think we need a plan/wishlist item to somehow "harmonize" the "Views"
> idiom of the Chooser too.  It seems to me we really only have two "views"
> in a presentation sense: Tree and List.  The bulk of what we now consider
> "views" seems to me to be idiomatically more akin to filters applied to
> the List view. So thinking out loud, I wonder if it wouldn't make sense
> to have a "Tree/List" mutually-exclusive selection and a separate
> "Filters: All/OnlyUpdates/Ignore/This/That/TheOther/Etc/Etc/Etc"
> 'checkboxy' selection where maybe you can choose more than one filter or
> something.

Yes! This would be a *very* good enhancement. It also makes me wonder about
the current wishlist - it only really works well for single line comments.

Here is an idea: How about a web based thing based in the code for the
Cygwin DLL todo list?

> BTW: I'm pretty much just sitting on the fixed Bigger Chooser patch,
> keeping it synched to HEAD, until the new setup is released.  I'm
> assuming that's best for everybody right?  Just so you didn't think that
> I'd forgotten about it...  that I'd be able to forget about it... ;-)

Please, send it! I find it sufficiently useful that I'm using the old
version of your patch at the moment, and have been syncing it with HEAD

We are branched for release, anyway, so active development is completely


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