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Re: juggling patches...

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 10:41, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Thanks for the offer - but I won't be doing this:
> I'm currently restricted to dialup internet until I return to university -
> CVS operations are just too slow.
> Plus, I already get the functionality of cvs merging, by keeping one working
> directory per project.
> And lastly, I'm always somewhat cautious about touching a remote repository.
> For example: I had to get Chris to run some cvs admin commands for me
> recently.

Thats cool. The offer remains open. arch would be great for this (as it
addresses all the points above :}), but I simply don't have time to port
it properly to cygwin.

> > When the patch is ready, anyone with HEAD write permission (as opposed
> > to HEAD write *access*)
> What's the difference?

Policy. You and I have HEAD permission. If Igor has CVS write access to
cygwin-apps / setup he won't have HEAD permission (at least initially),
but he will have HEAD write access.

> Well, they still will, but the conflicts will be more rigidly isolated until
> final merge.


> > patches have history.
> At some point, excess history becomes clutter, though.

Sure. Makes changelogs trivial though :}.

> > work-in-progress can be easily reviewed.
> Is it really any easier?

Oh yes. But that is a different discussion. I didn't, and don't intend
any coercion to use the facility. Twas simply an offer.


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