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juggling patches...

As we have multiple reviews of patches going on, overlapping patches
will naturally conflict...

So, I'm repeating an offer made here a long while back: cvs branches can
be used for developing patches.

i.e. maxb_UserSettings would be a branch of setup for Max to work on
user settings.

Scripts for branch creation and removal are in the cygwin CVS tree.

If you don't have CVS access write access, don't have a local CVS copy
of setup, or want to use the tree for branched
development, get my ok, and then fill out the form referenced here a
week or so ago.

How it helps?

Using Igor's work as an example, each patch gets it's own branch.
i.e : igor_ScriptLogging and igor_ScriptOrdering

Then as each patch develops, it just gets checked in, along with extra
files etc.

As HEAD changes, the patch can be syncronised via a cvsmerge HEAD
command. (See the scripts :}).

When the patch is ready, anyone with HEAD write permission (as opposed
to HEAD write *access*) :} can obtain the patch via a simple cvs rdiff,
or use the cvsmkpatch script.

Taken together this means:
patches won't conflict with each other.
patches have history.
work-in-progress can be easily reviewed.

just a thought :}

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