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Re: current package depencies

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Robert Collins wrote:

The attached file is the result of visiting every node in my installed
cygwin packages via Tarjans strongly connected set identifier algortithm.

IOW it's a cycle-safe dependency ordered list of what I've got installed.

If we want to ensure that base-passwd runs before any other install
scripts, then base-passwd should required by cygwin, as the last item in
the cygwin package requires clause.

@ cygwin
sdesc: "The UNIX emulation engine"
category: Base
requires: _update-info-dir libintl2 base-passwd

This is because with the cygwin ntsec defaulting to on, setting up
/etc/passwd correctly is now imperative.

This change can (and IMO should) be made now.



I don't think the attached list is correct (in terms of script ordering,
not in terms of the dependences).  For example, every package requires
_update_info_dir (to pull it in), but its postinstall script should be run
*last*.  In fact, that must have been the primary reason for the initial
"_" in its name...  If we run the scripts in topological order of package
dependences, _update_info_dir will be run first, and will not pick up the
info files from any other packages.  Am I missing something here?
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