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Re: setup.exe man page

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> I'm thinking of writing a man page for setup.exe explaining the
> basics of how it works and that it is currently the preferred
> way of installing/updating packages and documenting any command-line
> options. Does the current have any?

No, or at least, not that we want people to try using.

> I see several in CVS, but they are spread out in several files and
> many checkins, is there any way to have it spit out a list?

Not unless you have patched setup to make it do that. I have - here's the

 -D --download                          Download from internet
 -L --local-install                     Install from local directory
 -s --site                              Download site
 -R --root                              Root installation directory
 -q --quiet-mode                        Unattended setup mode
 -h --help                              Display command line options
 -r --no-replaceonreboot                Disable replacing in-use files on
 -n --no-shortcuts                      Disable creation of desktop and
                                        menu shortcuts
 -N --no-startmenu                      Disable creation of start menu
 -d --no-desktop                        Disable creation of desktop shortcut
 -A --disable-buggy-antivirus           Disable known or suspected buggy
                                        virus software packages during


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