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Re: Pending setup patches (issue 10)

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:

> > What about the particulary nasty bug, when you set packages to 'keep'
> > in the 'partial view' and then cycle again to 'partial view' and this
> > packages are still there ?
> > 
> > There was another nasty one which I have seen some time ago
> > (repeatedly) manifesting itself when I've used 'Install from Local
> > Directory'. In the 'Category View' if I click on 'automake' and some
> > other packges this would cause a crash. I remember that I tried to
> > debug it but not too hard (time constraints)... From what I recall it
> > appeared that the bug is caused by the String constructor recieving
> > NULL pointer. Not quite sure though. Back then  I had a large number
> > of packges cached in the local download directory. I'll try with the
> > latest version and see if i can reproduce it. 
> Can't reproduce either of these.

Neither do I (at the moment) :( The first one happens from time to time. 
For exmaple when some new package is uploaded or updated, but not each 
time. I guess the one who sees it must debug it immediately.

As for the second one I could reproduce it as long as I had my old cache 
of Cygwin packages, which unfortunately is now lost :(

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