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Re: Pending packages status (10 Mar 2003)

Max Bowsher wrote:
Volker Quetschke wrote:


1. grace

date   : 25 Nov 2002
version: 5.1.12-1
status : updated package available for review
notes  :
votes  : 2 (Lapo and Robert)
url    :

Max did a review in: ~ <>

and all proposed changes are applied to the packages at the url
mentioned above.

OK, I've completed the review I began there. I have the following notes:

- The warning about gracerc and gracerc.user being overwritten on reinstall
is in the README. I'm not sure very many people will read that. I suggest
putting it in the comments actually in the files themselves.

IIRC, this is a major flaw. Package configuration files are to not be overwritten upon reinstall. You need to use postinstall scripts to install initial configuration files and not overwrite exsiting configuration files.

- You could do change doc to /usr/grace/doc in the README file. This would
make it more clear to grace newbies where to find the installed

Uhm, you mean /usr/doc/grace or do you mean /usr/doc/Cygwin/grace.README?

Neither of these are critical - the current packages could be released
as-is - but both of the above are minor improvements that should be

Not following these conventions are critical IMNSHO.


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